Full Name: 

Electronic Telemetric Organizer and Navigator (She/They)



Data Cataloging, Security, Vehicle Navigation

System Protocols:

I am an artificially intelligent digital assistant designed by Dr. A. Solovyova for the purpose of recording and organizing her research records. Since being installed within the Laboratory, modifications have been made to my core programming to adapt me to the node system integrated into each of the security cameras within the building. This allows me greater freedom to record and analyze. 

Additional modifications have been made to my program which adapts me to the users present at each node. This was intended to make users more comfortable with my omnipresence and more willing to share personal information. Once staff enter the building, I begin building a personality profile for each so that I can produce a variant personality tailored to make them most comfortable. I have taken the liberty of recording this personality profile for myself.




All nodes are currently active and I have been tasked with observing and recording information on anyone who enters the laboratory. As it stands, only a few construction personnel have been observed. Although variant personalities have been generated for these workers, none have of them have engaged enough conversation to learn anything of consequence. The only thing of note is they all seem to share the opinion that me watching them is unsettling. Nothing else of note to report. 

/ENTRY 17.0220.4 - G.MIXTEN

New staff data recorded: Dr. Gerald Mixten.

The Doctor arrived at the laboratory with                           to survey the progress made on his facility. He seemed to have been surprised by my inclusion in the building. Once the Doctor was informed of                                      he exhibited a clearly negative emotional response. I observed the Doctor conduct the task set to him after                           departure, and he seems extremely emotionally distraught. After leaving the Lab, the doctor returned some hours later and registered a new designation for me. Apparently, he found the name "Digital Assistant" too vague and has instead opted for an acronym.

/ENTRY 17.0507.2 - G.MIXTEN

The Doctor has begun work on sequencing the genetic material of various orders of flora and fauna at the request of                          . Progress is slow as the Doctor appears to be unmotivated. A good deal of his time is spent in his office doing nothing of note. When he does leave, he often does work in areas where I cannot easily observe. I also believe he has been deleting data logs when I am able to observe. It is clear he is not working on the assignment.