Full Name: 

Gerald Leopold Mixten (He/Him)

Age: 39



Laboratory Head Scientist


Known Associates:  

Dr. Gerald Mixten is the head of Mixten Genetics, clearly exhibited as the building bares his name. His general demeanor is best described as stern. Continued observation of the Doctor has not divulged much in understanding outside of this and therefore producing a TON-E variant personality to best interact with him has been difficult. He does not express himself to the level of other staff and interactions with him tend to be curt and to the point. As a result, I have just been utilizing my default personality type for interactions with him, and so far that has proven adequate. He has yet to share information of note outside of data related directly to research at hand. His familial ties and past outside of academia still are somewhat of a mystery. I have added the basic genealogical information to our database, but his relationships with these people is unknown. During his entire tenure at the Lab he has not received a single non-work related correspondence. I surmise his relationships with others are nonexistent.

The Doctor spends a majority of his time in his personal office and laboratory space located on Sub-Level 3. He also                                                                                                                                . He seldom interacts with other staff members aside from directing projects. The only member of the staff he routinely interacts with is Receptionist - Susan Weaver when she informs him of deliveries, calls, or visitors.

There are several quirks the Doctor expresses that I do not fully understand. The most curious appears to be his inability, or disinterest, in using contractions. I surmise this is an intimidation tactic to make him seem intelligent. This is odd given his credentials as there really is no need for a charade.