WEBTOON UPDATE (02/21/2024)

Webtoon is almost up to date! After this Friday all of the places where you can read "Mixten Genetics" will be on the same page!

It's exciting, but also a little daunting. At that point I need to keep up momentum to make sure I'm finishing an episode a week before it goes online. I still feel like on occasion I will need to take breaks and put the comic on hiatus to keep ahead, but still. It will be nice knowing that whenever a new page is uploaded it will be completely new to everyone!

Now that we're getting deeper into the story, specifically as we head toward the end of Chapter 1, I want to look into ways to further promote the comic to grab more readers. Most of what I've been doing is promotion through social media, but I'm looking into to some physical events as well. There's a local convention, Incrediblecon, that is hosted in North Charleston, South Carolina and I'm thinking as long as the convention happens this year I will be getting a table. I'm also going to Momocon in Atlanta this year, but I don't think I'll get a table there. Instead, I think I'm going to pass produce some stickers and just leave them in places for people to take. I don't think anyone would complain about free stuff. I've seen other people do similar things, so hopefully it's ok. I don't want to buy these things and then have someone come behind me and chuck 'em in the trash. If anything, maybe I'll just hand some out. I'll figure that out as it gets closer.

I guess that brings me to a final point, because I want to produce some physical stickers to give away I will be posting a poll probably in the next week or so to see what people would like me to produce as stickers so keep an eye out for that on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr... all the usual places.


A special thanks to everyone who supports the comic, but an extra big thank you to these recent supporters on Ko-Fi!