Full Name

Roderick Lavonn Carter (He/Him)





Medical Technician

Beneficial Skills 

Extensive First Aid Training

2 years of extracurricular culinary classes


Observed Deficiencies

Fear of Receptionist - Weaver


Med Tech - Rodney Carter is one of three first aid officers employed by the laboratory. As work accidents are hopefully kept at a minimum, only two typically are in the building at one time. So far, work incidents have been sparse with the most common reasons for laboratory staff to visit the med lab being stress headaches. Staff should routinely look away from screens as well as get up from their desks, however they often do not resulting in head pain and fatigue. Med Tech - Carter has requested the lab order some exercise equipment and allow for staff to partake in using it on occasion. This is currently being reviewed.

In terms of general demeanor, Med-Tech Carter seems to be very amiable and well-liked by all staff members. He is helpful and often volunteers to assist others whenever he can. The Doctor reviewed him "adequate" in his last performance review, which stands as one of the best performance reviews among all staff. There is some animosity between Med-Tech Carter and Receptionist-Weaver, however it is unknown what the basis of this is. Primarily, it is Receptionist-Weaver who seems to be openly antagonistic. Granted, she is that way with many staff members, so it is possible that he has done nothing to deserve the attitude she routinely gives him.

Med Tech - Carter has been observed frequenting the various vending machines within the lab, but appears to have issues with one particular one. In his words, "that one doesn't like to give up the goods." Other staff have also complained that particular machine tends to not correctly dispense food items. This is currently being reviewed.