Chapter One

After getting fired from her most recent job, Olivia signs up to be a part of a local clinical trial. She quickly finds out that she's in for a lot more than what she bargained for. A word to the wise, always read a legal document before consenting.

Chapter Two

The Intern

Olivia's having a rough morning so Dr. Mixten assigns Brynn to check in on her. Unfortunately, our new test subject isn't going to be too happy about that. Maybe Brynn should reconsider if those credit hours are really worth it given what she's going to be dealing with from now on. After all, it's not like we're suddenly going to start paying her.

Chapter Three

Educational TV

Olivia and Brynn are at a loss when they both realize that neither one of them know that much about cephalopods. Thankfully, there's no shortage of wildlife documentaries to binge, but sometimes it's possible to learn a little too much.