Full Name: 

Nathaniel Todd Greene Jr. (He/Him)

Age: 22


Gas Station Attendant


Special Note

Although I have not observed Olivia's brother directly, I have gathered a good bit of information about him by overhearing her conversations with him. To the ill-informed, it would seem that Olivia has a poor opinion of her brother given how abrasive she can be in conversations with him. However, by ...technical means... I have heard how he speaks with her and it seems for the most part this is just their shared dynamic. As Olivia would put it, "they just like to give each other shit."

Despite this, I have concluded they are very close. In fact, if she is getting a phone call at all it is usually him asking if she is free to play games online or to simply check up on her. Their dynamic is an interesting one as I have gathered neither have been very successful in their endeavors. Olivia came to the lab only due to her recent employment termination and it would seem that Nate still lives with his mother. Perhaps their shared struggles are why they are so close. Continued observation will hopefully shed more light on their relationship.



I am programmed to record deficiencies to file for use in employee performance reviews, however since Nate is not an employee I am not sure what to do with the information I have. I will note it here simply for the sake of being thorough, but it is of little consequence. 

Nate seemingly has very poor hand-eye coordination, an inference I am making from Olivia's constant berating any time they are playing video games together. He also does not seem to be much of a team player, but then again I don't believe Olivia is either. I have also learned that he has a misplaced passion for brewing his own beer. I only say misplaced because when I asked Olivia about it, she said it was, quote, "the worst thing I ever drank and now I can't even smell beer without gettin' sick."