Makin' It (02/16/2024)

It has been a great week for productivity, even if it hasn't seemed like it. I'm currently letting Webtoon catch up with the story to this point which is giving me the ability to snazz up the way I arrange my panels. It's also letting me get a little ahead so that updates with new pages will fall a week after I finish them (roughly). That means you guys are seeing something new at around the time I'm finishing the pages for two weeks away. I had been trying to get to this sort of rhythm for a while, so it's nice to see it actually starting to fall into place. The most recent page(s) featured here will show up on Webtoon next week and then at that point both places will be, literally, on the same page.

Going forward for updates Webtoon will be getting the new pages first, then I'll post them here and DeviantArt. I want people to still have the ability to read where they prefer, but since Webtoon updates automatically, it's always gonna be first. I'm going to be adding each page I finish there and scheduling it in advance. I THINK I can schedule posts in DeviantArt, but I'm not sure. If I can, then I take back my previous statement.

If this site ends up being the last place updated, that's not the worst. I want to transition this site to be more Easter Eggs and additional info anyway. The way the site is set up probably isn't the best way to view the comic anyway. Not while it's in progress, at least.

One final note, I have gotten back to streaming on Twitch on Saturday nights (7:30pm EST) and picked back up with the Minecraft Mixten Lab project. We've made HUGE progress on the lab and I plan on working on Mixten's personal office tomorrow night.



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