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TON-E Is Always Watching (09/25/2023)

Sorry for the long radio silence. I got a bit distracted by other projects. Also, although not really a distraction, I have been SUPER busy with work this month. Good news is that should start to die down for a bit. I'm gonna try to get a little bit more put out in the next week (one more page? two? who knows...) to make up for it.

I've still been pretty active on Instagram working on my artistic style. If you follow me there, you may have seen some *interesting* characters. I thought I'd have some fun testing out some new shading and coloring techniques and I didn't want to spoil any characters for future comics, so I was just messing around...

Or was I? I guess time will tell.

Anyway, looks like TON-E is FINALLY on the scene. If you were paying close attention to one of the earlier pages you mave have already spotted her/them. TON-E nodes are installed throughout the building with each room having one. Well, almost every room. For obvious reasons, the restrooms do not have robotic eyeballs installed in them. That is clearly for the best. 

I'm really looking forward to the next few pages. TON-E is a really interesting character to say the least. Also... there's another important person making their debut in a couple pages as well...

Legal Troubles (09/06/2023)

I mean for Olivia, by the way. Not for me.

The next page is up under Current Research. Sorry it took so long to get this most recent page done. Blame Pokémon. There was Go Fest, then there was the Mighty Mewtwo event. Then, if you can believe it, my Instagram was hacked by some... couch goblin(?) so I have to work that out. I changed my password so hopefully that fixes everything. It's been a real busy time for yours truly.

I'm already working up the next page, so hopefully I can get the schedule regular. I know I keep saying it, but maybe if I just keep doing that, I'll finally cement it in my thick skull. Since this is the first week of September, I have updated the "Site Hacking Leaderboard" (see below). Congrats to Emyll for finding the hidden message and decoding it! I realize last months contest MAY have been a bit too hard for a first run, so I made this one a little easier to find and a little easier to decode. Well, I think it's easier to decode. I guess it depends on if you can figure out which HOW I coded it. As much as I like Atbach Ciphers and Binary, I can tell you, this ain't either of those. Good luck!

OH! Unrelated, but some Mixten Genetics designs on Redbubble got swiped by some bots who were trying to sell them! If you go looking on RedBubble for merch, I'd appreciate if you make sure you buy from me. I'm FossilJockMatt there too. That said, if someone makes their OWN Mixten fan merch, then sure. But swiping MY images? Low blow, robots. Low blow.