Full O' Crap (10/25/2023)

I feel like I've been saying "don't worry the next page is coming" all month... Oh wait. I have.

I also said the next update would be the next page is done. Well, I'll amend that to "the line art is done."

I'm not even going to sugar coat things and say I'll have it done this week. I might not. Halloween is a comin' and I'm still doing Gobtober art drawings literally every day. I have been working on the current page after posting the Gobtober post of the day, but I sometimes don't even get done with those until like 11pm at night (eastern standard time, lol). 

Adulting is hard, but if there is a silver lining, my art style is becoming even more refined with each drawing I do, even if it is for a month of social media prompts. I still plan on going hard on the comic for the next two months so we will make progress. This whole thing with the release schedule has made me consider some options for Ch. 2 to stream line it's release. 

OH! Hey, I did do SOMETHING I promised to do in my last news update! I made buttons for my Tumblr and Deviant Art as well as the Mixten Genetics Reddit Community. So hey, I'm not 100% full of $#!+. Only about 80%.

Gobsmacked (10/11/2023)

Hey everyone! Sorry there's no new page up yet! I didn't expect drawing a picture a day for Gobtober to monopolize so much of my time! I figured, "Hey, this will be a fun way to practice each day with a quick little non-colored drawing. I won't put too much effort into them, just something to practice with."

Here's the problem, I thought I could get away with not putting in much effort. I was wrong. I get going with an idea and I fixate and suddenly what were supposed to be quick sketchy drawings turned into shaded line art. I even fully colored two of 'em. Geez. I really need to get my $#!+ together. If you want to see them, they are on my Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Which reminds me, I still need to make a button for Tumblr. Man, it's always something.

Whatever, no more excuses. Since I'm doing roughly one news update a week, I am planning on the next one saying there is a new page for everyone. Even if it means having to stay up late Friday/Saturday night. I'm gonna get you guys something! I mean, and myself too. I really want to get Ch. 1 finished before the end of the year so I gotta make progress!

If you want to let me know what you think of my artwork so far (since I know the story hasn't really taken off yet) PLEASE tell me in the Discord or on Reddit or whatever social media prefer.

Crap. I need to make a Reddit button too. 

A Little Slowdown (10/02/2023)

As if I'm not a slow poster to begin with, updates in October may be just as sparse as last month. This time it isn't so much because I'm busy with work though. This time is it because I decided to do some other art stuff. I found a prompt on Tumblr for "Gobtober" and if you follow me on Instagram and Tumblr you may have noticed I have a separate original character known as "The Couch Goblin" that I have been drawing more and more recently. Since the prompt was too perfect to pass up, I will be sketching her in the various RPG tropes. Thing is, she's not from a fantasy world, so she's just gonna have to she what she can slap together from around the house. I'll also be adding the lineart from the Gobtober posts to Ko-Fi... FOR FREE! Enjoy some fun coloring sheets.

So why am I talking about the Couch Goblin here? I mean, really? How could she relate to Mixten Genetics? Well, let's just say she does and leave it at that.

Speaking of the comic, I plan on cranking out 2 or 3 more pages before going on hiatus for a tiny bit. It won't be a long one. Just a couple weeks so I can focus on Gobtober as well as finish up some other projects. I still plan on finishing Chapter 1 around the end of November/early December. I'm a little antsy to start Chapter 2.

Actually, I'm just antsy to make any real progress at all. I've written A LOT more than just three chapters even if those are the only ones currently listed in the Archives.