Thanksgiving Week (11/20/2023)

Thanksgiving is this week and I want to start off saying I am exceedingly thankful for the support I have gotten since starting this comic. I know updates are slow, but I really appreciate everyone sticking with me as well as the positive feedback I've gotten in Discord as well as all of the comments and likes on my social media posts. As we head into the New Year, I am happy to see things grow. 

Last year my New Year's resolution was to start this comic and seriously try to refine my artistic style. I think I have accomplished both things, even if I had hoped to be a bit farther along in the story than I am. I think that's ok though. I know if this had been my sole focus the entire year, and I hadn't taken a month off basically to participate in Gobtober, I would be where I wanted to be. That's life though. Things come up.

Anyway, I'm going to keep plugging along and see where the road takes us. Even though I am just at the beginning of the story in terms of comic pages, I think I'm almost done writing the whole story. I am very happy with it so far in both regards. 

Heads up, once I finish Chapter 1 I plan on taking a short hiatus to produce some character sheets and the like. I have a couple other projects I need to work on too, but nothing too time consuming. I also want to try to draw a couple of the Chapter 2 pages BEFORE I start posting anything. I think the "draw then post" schedule isn't gonna work in the long run. We'll see.

Lurking Shadow (11/10/2023)

Page 9 is coming along. I plan on trying to post it this weekend. I would have had it done earlier in the week, but as is always the case, tons of things popped up. No big deal though, I'm still on track as long as I get it posted Saturday or Sunday. I'm excited for the guy I named the comic after to finally get some screen time.

I posted the sketch of the page to Instagram as a "work in progress" on Wednesday, but have already decided to move some things around. I think that's what holds me up the most. As I'm drawing things I change my mind with how I want things to flow. In fact, and this is kind of a neat behind the scenes, this page was originally going to be Page 10. However, after re-reading my draft a few times, I think it fits better happening earlier. As for the draft, Ko-Fi subscribers have access to my full draft for Chapter 1. If you want to read a bit ahead, then consider subscribing! Granted, nothing is canon until it actually shows up in the comic, but I can say that so far the draft isn't incredibly different from the actual comic story so far. 

I want to thank everyone who has been supportive so far! I plan on making more posts highlighting my Ko-Fi and Deviantart Subscribers. I need to come up with something as an incentive for Deviantart subscribers. So far, it's just access to some of the behind the scenes stuff that's also on Ko-Fi... with Ko-fi having more... but I want both to be special in their own unique ways. I'm just still working that out.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me in the Discord or on Reddit!

Back to Our Irregularly Scheduled Program (11/02/2023)

Gobtober is over, so it's back to Mixten Genetics being the focus of my work! Yay! So does that mean I have finally updated the comic?

YEP! The latest page is up! You may also notice the coloring quality seems to be improved compared to the page before. Well, as I had hoped, drawing every day of October and trying new coloring techniques has paid off. Going forward I will continue to improve the artwork, so Chapter 1 may be a tad inconsistent in art style. That said, I'm pretty happy with how Page 8 turned out, so who knows. Maybe we're gonna start leveling out!

I'm sorry I took so long to update. I figured I could balance the two projects, but I was WRONG! Going forward, if I do a secondary project for a few weeks I will just put the comic on hiatus. Just know I don't plan on stepping away for longer than a couple weeks. I really want this to do well so I will be putting as much effort into it as I can.

On a side note, my car crapped out on me last weekend so I've been scrambling for a replacement. I got one, but I could use any support I can get. If you like the comic and want to see more of it (and other stuff as well), just consider hopping over to my Ko-Fi. OH! I also plan on turning some of the comic panels into phone backgrounds once I get a few more pages done, which you will be able to purchase and download there.