Time is Getting Away from Me (05/17/2023) 

I'm still working on the cover page for Chapter 1 and I'm loving it. It's looking great! The problem is, I still haven't hit a good rhythm for getting stuff done quickly so it's taking longer than I anticipated. What does that mean for the launch? Well, I'm still planning on the end of June. What it means is it'll probably be the last day of June! Don't at me.

I think what has also slowed me down is I'm trying to also work on character sheets at the same time. I don't think it's wasted time though. The more I draw these people over and over, the better I get at it. If you've been following me on Instagram, I'm sure you'll agree. To see the progression Olivia has made since I first posted a sketch of her is astounding. It's really true what they say, "Practice makes semi-professional." I mean, something like that. Everything is still far from perfect, so I'm not going to start slinging that word around.

Either way, I feel like I'm getting better at expressing on paper (digital tablet?) the images I'm seeing in my head. It's really rewarding to be able to do that. For years, that has been something I have struggled with. I have always enjoyed drawing, but the products never met my lofty standards. I can truly say that's not the case anymore. Even if my art has yet to make it to the upper tier of what I'd like to see, it's definitely in the ballpark. Before I don't even think my artwork had made it to the parking lot.

The plan is to finish the cover art this week and start with comic panels going into the weekend. If I can even just knock out one a week, I'd be pretty satisfied.

Staff Image Revamp (05/09/2023) 

I've updated the staff page with new graphics over the past few days. I'm really happy with how everything turned out. I'm still monkeying with things here and there, but I have to keep myself from getting distracted with site layout. After all, this is a comic website so I should probably make sure I put enough focus in the actual comic.

That said, I've started sketching out the title page. I hope to AT LEAST have line art done by this weekend, but if I'm lucky I'll have color too. Who knows?

Speaking of that, last weekend I hosted another Discord art night which went pretty well. If I get enough done on my line art this week I'll probably host another art stream to color. If I do, I think I'll host that one on Twitch. That way maybe I can start spreading the word a little bit. At least Discord/Ko-fi members are still getting the sketch streams as content for their membership. Regardless of whatever project I decide to stream, you guys will always get to see things first.

OH! And special should out to Jonathan (jdragoon89)., my first Ko-Fi member and his current 100% attendance to my art streams! You're the real MVP! Your feedback has helped A LOT!

Prepping for Launch (05/03/2023) 

Can you believe June is just a month out? I can't...

There's still a lot to do so I'm making some last minute changes to the site before it launches next month. I'm probably going to set up a RedBubble shop in a couple weeks and upload some of the logos and stuff as T-shirt and sticker designs. If you have anything you'd specifically like to see on a shirt, now's the time to tell me so I can add it to the list. 

So far I have:

One of the first thing you guys may notice is I removed the drafts from the Archives. Even if I don't finish drawing Chapter 1 in time for launch, I do plan on at the very least making the website public in June and posting what I have. I don't want to forget to remove that stuff, since it's spoilery, so I just went ahead and removed it. If you had access before, you still do. You'll just have to go to your Google Drive and choose "Shared with Me." All three chapters are still there... although I have already made some tiny tweaks in my own private files. 

We're Rollin' (05/01/2023) 

Holy crap... did I actually finish the Staff page?

Yes, I totally did! Well, at least up through Chapter 3. I'm pretty proud of myself. That's actually a pretty big milestone. Aside from one other cast member (who isn't staff), I've at least conceptualized every main character. Now, the real project begins... drawing Chapter 1!

I'm going to start with the title/cover art and I'll probably do a sponsored Discord stream of me working on that the latter end of the week or next week. It really depends on how my schedule plays out. I also want to start storyboarding Chapter 1. I have my work cut out for me though. I have essentially two months to draw and color Chapter 1 before I start releasing pages at the end of June. The good news is, even if I'm not COMPLETELY done with Chapter 1, I can start posting what I do have because I'm probably going to stagger posting pages. I was considering doing a dump of the entirety of Chapter 1 at once, but I don't know how feasible that will be given my time table. 

I will say, there are pros and cons to both strategies. If I post a couple pages a week, it gets people coming back to the site over and over. On the flipside, I know I like being able to sit down and read a whole story, rather than only getting a page a day. Being able to sit and read a whole chapter every couple of weeks or whatever is more like how comics typically drop so... I dunno. Guess we'll see.