Rodney Clocks In (03/22/2023)

I added a profile for Rodney Carter from Chapter 3, even though I haven't drawn him yet. I have a clear idea of how he looks. I just need to put pen to paper... er... stylus to tablet. I'm kind of behind since I want to update Olivia's (human) and Susan's profile pics. It's fine though. Since he doesn't show up until Chapter 3, I have the time. It's more important that I have the Chapter 1 and 2 characters done and move on to full body renditions.

I will say I hit a bit of artist's block when it comes to drawing. The issue is... me... in more than one way. 1 - I got sick last week and was dealing with that off and on and then 2 - I was trying to draw a better version of my avatar and just wasn't producing something I was happy with.

Making drawings of real people isn't easy folks. I know for me there are certain features I think are important to capture for my personality and man... what I've made so far ain't it. I hope to finish up either Olivia or Susan this weekend, maybe double back to my avatar and some of my friend's drawings, then back to full body renditions.

I don't feel too bad though. I did write a couple more chapters and March is supposedly the least productive month for people. If this is me unproductive, then damn, I'm set. 

Lab Design (03/13/2023)

I took a little break from drawing this weekend because I got inspired to do some writing. Now that I've written almost 40 chapters, I figured... hey... it sure would help to have a clear understanding of what the inside of the lab looks like.

I had been thinking about making a 3D model in CAD software or something, but that costs money. I have a general idea of where different rooms are oriented and I have a word document just saying what is on each floor. However, I need to SEE it.

Social media to rescue! I follow a bunch of artist tip accounts and one suggested that when trying to figure out the layout of a building, try building it in Minecraft... so guess what I did yesterday?

Anyway, I still have a ways to go with my model lab, however once I'm done maybe I can do a stream/guided tour for followers? 

Final Preview Chapter (03/08/2023)

If you haven't seen, I've updated Mixten's profile. I really need to focus on drawing stuff besides portraits, so I'm gonna try to knock out the last two this week/weekend so I can make full character sheets.

I'm gonna go ahead an drop the final preview chapter in Archives. I'm not going to do post anymore of those. I mean, sure, I've written 30+ chapters... but I don't want to give away everything. The first three chapters are light on plot, so I not too worried about them. I have some real surprises in store for you guys starting with Chapter 4 so I'm gonna keep those to myself for now.

Chapter Six is a real doozy. 

Image Updates (03/02/2023)

I've been going through and updating the profile pictures for the main cast up through Chapter 2. I still need to update Olivia (human), Mixten, and Susan.

TON-E took a bit longer than I would have thought and I might double back and make some tweaks. The main thing holding me up was getting Roxy's seal of approval. Up to this point, TON-E is her favorite character so I didn't want to ruin that by coming up with a design she wasn't a fan of.

Turns out she was a little harder to please than I would have expected. Strange given TON-E is basically just a surveillance camera with an eyeball. I didn't expect her to have such a strong opinion on dome shape. 

OH! I almost forgot. I'm going to start hiding Easter Eggs around the site. Right now, there's only one accessible. Think you can find it? Here's a hint, it's hidden in the staff pages. In the future, I'm going to hide web addresses and passwords to get to certain hidden parts of the page throughout the website and comic. Keep a sharp eye out!