The Site is Live?! (06/16/2023) 

Mixten Genetics is officially open!

I have to say there's a bit of relief mixed in (LOL) with a lot of concern. I've been putting a lot of work into this with the hope people will like it, but you never can tell. I just gotta put my stuff out there, cross my fingers, and remember the main reason why I even did this. I have a story I want to tell and if resonates with even one person then I'll feel like I've accomplished something. This is a pretty loaded goal... I already know two people who liked the drafts. Ok, 5 people. If 5 people like it, I'll be happy.

If you go to the "Current Research" (aka the comic), you'll notice there isn't a lot there yet. That's because I'm going to release pages over time. As it stands, I would like to post a couple of pages a week. The more I think about it, I think I can probably do two a week. Then again, life being what it is I'll probably have to take a breather here and there. Chapter One is currently slated as 33 pages in my written draft, although it may end up being more depending on how I lay out the panels. Even at just 33 pages that is a LOT of drawing. Not to mention the fact that based on that release schedule Chapter One is going to take a little over 16 weeks to complete... 

Ok... I need to stop. I'm gonna get all in my head about this if I just keep spounting numbers. Let's move on to something fun...

I have a couple phone backgrounds available on my Ko-Fi (the mug icon above and below...) if you want to support the webcomic, consider downloading one. I also plan on making a shop soon and adding some physical stickers! Maybe a shirt or two as well. I'm open to suggestions for items you would like a big Mixten "M" slapped on to. Just let me know in the Mixten Genetics Discord.


I've Probably Lost My Mind (06/07/2023) 

So I put up a Twitter poll for when I should open the site to the public... and July 16th won. In retrospect, I'm not sure this was a good idea, but at the time I was ansty to make it available. Now as that date looms a little over a week away I'm feeling the pressure.

That said, it's not like I have to be far along and ready to post a ton of pages. I run this thing. I can release pages at the speed I am comfortable with. However, inside me are two wolves. One that knows I can go at my own pace, and one that is cracked out on caffeine and is like, "YOU GOTTA POST ALL THE THINGS!"

In the end, you can't rush art. As I said before, if I can post a page a week, I'd be pretty happy. I've already storyboarded a couple. I think my plan is to try to storyboard as many as I can between now and Friday, and then double-back and do clean line art/coloring starting next Monday. I THINK I can post page one shortly after the site opens and go from there. That said, I don't plan on posting page one as soon as the site opens. It's not like there isn't other stuff to do. There's staff information people can read, there's hidden puzzles to figure out (more of which I plan on adding in between now and next Friday), and then some of my just random artwork.

Speaking of, I think I need to add a page just from random (potentially non-canonical) fun art of the main characters. I just don't know what to call it yet. 

It's June! (06/02/2023) 

Oh damn... the site launches this month. Uh... I gotta get drawin'!

So far I've only done the title page, but I have been practicing a lot on the side. I'll admit, I got a little distracted drawing memes. The Barbie movie mugshot meme was just too good to not make swipe it. It works perfectly for Brynn and Olivia. I'll probably go back and draw some of the other characters in this format because it also had the nice little bonus of letting me solidify heights. I always envisioned Olivia as being pretty tall and Brynn as being short. Well, now it's canon.

I'm going to do another subscriber exclusive stream this weekend where I sketch out the storyboards. This is DEFINITELY going start being more regular because I have a lot of storyboards to work up. I'm going to get as deep into Chapter 1 as I can with the storyboards, maybe even finish it, then go back and clean them up page by page. I think that's the best way to do it. It'll ensure the art style and tone is consistent through the whole chapter. 

This will be important as it is possible the art style might slightly change from chapter to chapter to reflect tone. I've considered, for example, having a couple of the really heavy chapters being in muted tones. Flashbacks will probably be in black and white, that sort of thing. The first "season" which is Chapters 1 through 6 are pretty consistent in tone, but "season 2" gets a kinda intense.