Enter Nate and Ko-Fi Updates (07/25/2023) 

Olivia's outsourced her job search to her younger brother, Nate. Probably not the best idea. Then again, when you don't have internet access currently, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

I've uploaded the most recent page and have already started on the next. I'll upload it ASAP so we can really get the story going.

In other news, I need to really start putting more perks on Ko-Fi from members. At the moment, the biggest perk is if you choose Collective membership, you get a special Discord rank as well as access to the exclusive Collective channel where I post a lot of behind the scenes sort of stuff. It's usually character concepts and the like. I'm going to start hiding that stuff behind spoiler tags, so then Collective members can pick and choose what they would like to know in advance. The Ko-Fi gallery will also have some character concept stuff, but I plan to keep that more ambiguous so it won't be spoilery. Mostly just creature designs. I just uploaded some rough sketches of a human/arthropod hand (hands... technically) and a human/avian foot. That post is open to the public, but in the future I'm going to be posting more membership only sort of stuff such as uncolored line art files.

Headed to the Lab (07/18/2023) 

So I'm working on the next page, but over the weekend I got a major two day long headache that slowed me way down. Well, more like completely shut me down. 

I'm planning on finishing up lineart tonight and maybe even the base colors and then after shading potentially Wednesday, getting the next page up on Thursday/Friday. I still want to shoot for getting two pages up. So I'm going to go right into inking the next page and see how far I can get. Here's hoping I can get both new pages up before next Monday.

I've gotten a lot of support from friends and family so I just want to thank all you guys. I really appreciate it and it's keeping me going with this. Also, just know that even though the art pages are going up slowly, I'm still refining the chapters I've written so that when it comes time to draw them, I know exactly the direction the story is going. I look forward to introducing you all to these characters and I hope you each walk away with a favorite.

Also, can I just say I'm looking forward to not having to draw the outside of a building for a while? Holy crap. I am no architect.

We're Growing (07/13/2023) 

After I updated the site and dropped page 2 traffic increased by 600%.

Granted, the site traffic still only sitting around 100 unique users, but still! I'm excited. So far feedback has been positive. I'm glad people are enjoying the artstyle because story at this point is basically non-existent. Don't worry, though. Things are about to start taking a more interesting, albeit predictable, turn and the story is going to start chugging.

In social media news, I made a Threads account and I'll be adding it to the other social media I have below if anyone wants to follow me there. If Twitter continues to fester, I don't know how active I'll be there. It stinks, because I do have some friends that I only interact with there. Thing is, aside from people I regularly interact with, I just don't feel super comfortable engaging on that platform. There's always someone who swoops in and makes things ugly. I suppose that could be true of any platform, potentially. I just experience it more there. My experience with Instagram is positive as a whole and so far Threads is following that trend.

Plus, as much as I don't care for Mark Zuckerburg, I really don't like Elon Musk.

Plugging Away (07/10/2023) 

Almost done with page 2!

I'm starting to get more of a rhythm, but drawing establishing shots has been time consuming. I can be a bit of a perfectionist, which has led me to be quite intimidated by establishing shots. I was happy with how page 1 came out initially, but now that I look at it, I'm less thrilled. It's still good, in my opinion, but I think I can do better.

Then there's page 2. There is a second more zoomed in establishing shot of Summer Creek and I took probably too much time on it. Honestly, a lot of that time was staring at it and being too nervous to put pen to paper, or stylus to tablet to be more exact. I need to get past this mental blog I put in front of myself and just draw. I've found it's easier to correct mistakes than get it right on the first go round. However, this flies in the face of how I usually operate. My brain has a hard time understanding that I can't just create exactly what I want immediately. But hey, I'm learning, and in tandem we're learning together. At least completing page 2 has been quicker than page 1. Just gotta do some shading, add some text, and add the page this evening after work.

Then on to page 3 which, thankfully, has no extablishing shots! Just conversation! FINALLY!