Mixten Genetics is Now on Webtoon! (01/29/2024)

I have some exciting news! After much deliberation, I have decided to make Mixten Genetics available on Webtoon!

I had previously debated doing this because of my difficulties sticking to a regular update schedule. However, given I have a little bit under my belt now, I can start posting back pages there while I work on new ones. As it stands, the comic will update there on Fridays with the next three weeks covered by the artwork I've already completed. I have gone back to some older pages that I felt needed some touch up and fixed some colors and lighting. Oh, and don't worry, I'm not changing the story or anything. If you are caught up here, then the Webtoon listing doesn't have anything you don't know.

There is one thing I have to adjust for that will impact formatting going forward. Webtoon image sizes are a lot different than what I had been using. I reformated the older pages slightly so one episode on Webtoon is actually two or three pages here. Going foward I will be making pages in line with their requirements. I was also debating if I should even host the comic here at all, but given not everyone wants to download yet another app, I plan on still posting the comic here and on Deviantart as well. Besides, multiple platforms means more reach.

Finally, to commemorate the occasion, I have updated the Ko-Fi digital shop with a special new phone background focusing on the events of Chapter 1! If you decide to get it, just know everything from Ko-fi is going back into funding the comic! Memberships are available too and I will be posting shout outs for my January supporters soon so make sure you get in on it! I will be posting these to my various social media as well as on Webtoon!

Planning for the Year (01/17/2024)

I'm still trying to get my head in the game. I guess the holidays hit me harder than I anticipated because I have just been too dang tired to make much progress. Good news is the page I'm working on is almost done. I posted a "work in progress" today on Instagram so you can easily see where I'm at. I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow or Friday and just jump right into the next page. I need to play a little catch up, but I don't feel I'm so far as to be too thrown off of my goals.

In fact, I think I just got re-inspired. This is probably something you all are aware of, but I am constantly writing. Even if I am not posting new art just yet, I still am working on behind the scenes stuff. Over the last few weeks I scripted like six more chapters. It might even end up being more as I refine them and see where I might have to break 'em. I don't like Mixten Genetics chapters going over 35 pages and I try to keep Couch Goblin ones between 15 and 20. So, yea, plenty of content to work with. I have also mentioned in the past that I have written more than I may ever be able to illustrate. It depends on if I can ever get a regular schedule going, but regardless I'm not going to just end the story abruptly. If it ever seems the pace of updates is way too slow and unsustainable, I'll shift to writing the stories in book form. Don't worry though, I've given myself a couple years of assessment to see if I feel the need. I know this isn't the sort of thing I'll figure out in just one...

Which brings me to a final point! I have almost consistently been working on this project for a year as of next month! Granted, I didn't start drawing until well after, but at least seriously writing and designing the site started last February! It's an exciting milestone to be sure!

Slow Start (01/10/2024)

So where's the first page of the New Year? Good question. I hit a couple roadblocks that have kept me from working much on the next page. Some of them work related, some of them simply being not in the mindset. The latter is a tough hurdle to jump so I am trying out something new to hopefully keep me on track. First thing is I'm making a calendar for myself for updates. If I can start adhering to it regularly, I will make it available here so everyone can see when the next page is expected.

The next step I'm taking is trying to at least sketch each day. That way I can at least be consistently working and posting new art to social media. As funny as it sounds, this actually set me back a little bit this week. You see, hypothetically, this seems like a good exercise. However, I can easily get fixated and... well... a quick warm-up exercise often turns into me devoting more time to it than I should and making a full on finished piece. Oopsie. I just posted a perfect example of this on my Instagram yesterday.

Regardless, I'm still working and plan on working on the panels today during my lunchbreak. If I can get the page done by Friday, I'll be pretty happy with myself. Keep your fingers crossed and PLEASE interact with some of the stuff I post on social media. Beyond metrics, it's a huge confidence boost when someone is interested enough in what I'm doing to engage with me. It really lets me know that what I'm doing is worth the time and effort. In the end, I am making these comics for my own peace of mind, but it's nice to know that others enjoy them as well.

New Year, New Goals (01/2/2024)

A new year has started, so it's time for some new goals! I didn't quite hit ALL of the goals I had for the comic last year, but I did hit most of them. Let's run through 'em.

Three outta four ain't bad!  Honestly, when I made my goals I didn't anticipate deciding to create a new character with a whole month devoted to drawing them each day for 31 days straight so I think I did pretty good, considering.  So let's look at some new goals for 2024. Since I don't have to build a site from the ground up this year, I'm focusing JUST on art. So let's see what I've got.

I think that's all pretty doable. Trying to get through 5 Chapters is ambitious, so if there's any goal I fall short of, it's that one. However, I think I want to try for it. The good news is, if a couple of those are Couch Goblin chapters, at least those are shorter by about 10 pages. I am thinking I'll probably take a hiatus in October, since I know there will probably be an art prompt calendar I want to do.

Let's shoot for these goals and I appreciate all of the continued support I have gotten here and through social media! Last year was great, but let's make 2024 even better!