Early Draft Dialogue (02/27/2023)

Ok, so I decided I would like some feedback afterall.

I have released the dialogue for Chapters 1 and 2 which can be accessed from the Archives. Early access members can read and comment via Google Docs.

I'm also working on some Ko-Fi rewards. You can see the Ko-Fi page by clicking the coffee mug icon below. 

Early Release? (02/23/2023)

Mornin' early access participants! I had a thought that I would like some feedback on.

I'm considering releasing either a text version or storyboard for Chapter 1 for you guys. Part of me wants to keep everything under wraps, but I think I could benefit from some more people reading my stuff. Roxy's feedback is nice, but it usually just boils down to "I like it" which isn't necessarily the most helpful.

While I internally debate this, just keep an eye out. I'll let you know what I decide. Let me know your thoughts in Discord, or since I know you all personally, direct messages.

Slight Changes (02/21/2023)

So I'm trying something out to see if I like it...

I'm considering having the site SEEM like it is the website for the actual Lab as a theme. That means, aside from the comics and news sections, everything on the website will be as it is "in universe."

For example, all of the profiles are the result of the data that is collected by TON-E... since that's their job. We'll see how I like it. As always, feedback is appreciated!

Early Access (02/19/2023)

Whoa... what are you doing here? Early access? Oh shit! A subscriber! Well, check back routinely for updates. Some of the pages are working but there is a long way to go. My current launch goal is mid-June, but I guess it just depends on how fast I can draw the first three chapters!

OH THAT REMINDS ME! All of the pictures you're seeing are beta yanked right from my Instagram. As I work more, those will be replaced with some images you'll only really see here!

Shoot me any feedback in Discord!