Distracted by Video Games (12/18/2023)

I'm still working on page 12, but the second part of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC dropped so I decided to take a little break and play that this weekend. I can't say it was super fulfilling. I had played through the Teal Mask and it was ok, but I wasn't expecting too much from it. I assumed it would be like the Sword and Shield DLC where the Isle of Armor (Part 1) was a lot shorter and offered less than the Crown Tundra (Part 2). I'd argue that the Teal Mask was better than the Indigo Disc, which isn't great. All and all, it was a lackluster end to possibly the generation of Pokémon I've gotten the least amount of enjoyment from. Kind of a bummer, given the heavy focus on "ancient pokémon from the past" theme of Scarlet. It really had all the makings of my favorite game of the series, just for the ball to be dropped HARD. That's not even counting the glitches. Yikes.

Anyway, back to the story, at this point Olivia is starting to see the effects of the genetic infusion she was given. For the rest of the chapter we're going to see the extent of those effects and what that is going to mean for her going forward. I'm glad people are seemingly enjoying the ride so far. I was a big "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" fan as a kid, but one thing that always bothered me was it was kind of glossed over how those mutations would affect the humans that were affected. The tone of the series from the 80's/early 90's was definitely light, but I have since gotten to enjoy some of the later series which delve into people's mindsets a little deeper. If you also enjoy that sort of thing, then good news! That's the bulk of what this story is going to be, how does one live with something as life changing as becoming "a monster."

Don't worry, I'm still gonna keep it a little on the lighter side when I can. I guess the best analog for the tone I'm going for is somewhere around the Nickelodeon TMNT series from 2012-17. I'm looking forward to continuing this story into and through 2024! Although, I think my new resolution will be to actually nail down a stricter update schedule...

Realization and Housekeeping (12/10/2023)

Have you ever signed up for something or agreed to do something that almost immediately you regret? Yep, me too... and it looks like Olivia is having some real regrets in the most recent page.

I'm doing some housekeeping around the site so if something is wonky, feel free to let me know in Discord or on your social platform of preference. I'm on most of 'em.

So the changes. First, I've added a page that has all of the pages of Chapter 1 together so you don't have to scroll page to page if you wanted just read the whole story start to finish. Before, it wasn't really that important to do that, but now that we're starting to have a stack of pages, it makes more sense. Second, I've changed the "Current Research" link to show a summary of the current chapter and the quick links to individual pages and the full comic. From the traffic, I do have a good many returning readers, so I want to be as accommodating as possible to those people and new readers. If people hate it, I'll change it back, but at least now the link is accurate. It says "Current Research" after all. It should take people to the most recent page.

I'm planning some other things for the site as well, so it may change in tiny ways over the coming weeks.

RedBubble and Ko-Fi Updates (12/05/2023)

I've been working on adding some new stuff to my RedBubble shop and am planning to add some new stuff to Ko-Fi in the next couple of weeks. I have run into a couple snags with RedBubble involving some of my fanart from other non-Mixten media. It's weird, I'll see stuff on their site of a similar topic (ex: Pokémon), but then when I post something I draw it gets flagged.

Now, you could argue, that maybe my stuff isn't adaptive enough. Like, am I just tracing a pokémon and trying to sell it as my own art? If I were doing that, then sure, I get why it would be removed. However, I drew an incredibly rad Shuckle riding a skateboard so, no, pretty sure that's pretty unique. Plus, I searched and found other Shuckle stuff so I'm kind of confused.

Even weirder is I uploaded Bill Cipher holding a pizza slice and that didn't flag anything.

The final head scratcher is I uploaded some fanart of "Wapeach", who isn't even an ACTUAL Mario Bros. character, but that's currently flagged for review. Oh, before you ask, no. I didn't make some scantily clad version or something. You can see it on my Instagram, it's tame. I dunno. If RedBubble continues to be a pain then I'll have to look into other options.

At least the Mixten and Couch Goblin stuff I've posted (including a couple new things) are up with no problems!