Oh Crap, I have a Tumblr (08/22/2023) 

So I completely forgot I have a Tumblr account. I don't even remember signing up for one. Anyway, I'm gonna post some stuff there now too. Hey, why not right? Between here, Instagram, Tumblr, and my various other social media I might need to step up my "posting things still in progress" game. 

I still plan on posting most of the "comic in progress" stuff to Ko-Fi for members. I gotta figure out a niche for Tumblr. Maybe I'll post character sheets there. Who knows? At the very least I think I'll post comic pages there well after they've shown up here. At least then people can read the comic in different places, but all avenues will still lead back here. After all, I am only going to put hidden easter eggs here and if you want the full experience of the comic, you're gonna wanna try to seek them out. 

Right now, it's just fun little messages of little consequence, but I want to eventually expand it so the easter eggs give deeper lore. For example, you could even learn what Dr. Mixten's favorite color is or what Rodney thinks about Chipackers, the chip-flavored cracker. Now, that is some important lore.

Experiment Registration (08/14/2023) 

I posted the next page this past Saturday and I think that I'm going to try to stick to Saturday as my update day going forward. The main reason is if there is any last minute thing I need to do to the page before I post it, I can easily stay up Friday night and do that. Staying up late during the work week is ill-advised. They don't make a strong enough Monster energy to keep me up at work if I'm up past midnight on a Wednesday.

Anyway, Olivia has finally made her way to the lab and has decided to be a part of the medical trial. That's probably also ill-advised, but it is what it is. Susan has also finally made an appearance. Fun fact: Susan wasn't always going to be a named character. When I initially wrote this chapter she was an unnamed receptionist. However, I felt she could eventually become an important character so I gave her a name, came up with a backstory, and tried to come up with some quirks that would really make her memorable. For whatever reason, I landed on an obsession with crime documentaries. Many of the characters I've come up with pull from multiple people I've met and I've done my best to make sure that no one character is a carbon copy of a real person. Susan's preference for TV programming comes primarily from my wife... but honestly in my experience the Venn diagram containing women and crime doc enjoyers is a circle so it's not like it's exclusive to her.

Hidden Messages and Easter Eggs (08/01/2023) 

It's no secret that I have hidden things throughout the site that are meant to be fun little Easter eggs. I've said as much before. However, if you aren't in our Discord or follow me on social media, what you may not know is we're going to have a little contest going forward.

Each month I'm going to hide a password somewhere on the site. It will have some designator that will let you know it's the month's special phrase, so you don't get it confused with the multitude of other hidden messages around. Anyway, your mission is to find the message and enter it in to the backdoor page for the site.

Here's the kicker. The backdoor is hidden too. Shocking, I know. Maybe using a command will help. At the start of the next month there will be a new scoreboard page added to the site so players can see just who found the message the quickest as well as a running tally of how many times each player has found the hidden message. 

Some hints about where to find the message. For the start here, I'm going to hide it on one of the cast profiles... and there are actually more profiles than what the Staff page shows.

Good luck, Hackers.