More Profile Pics (04/29/2023) 

You know how I kept saying I needed to make updated profile pictures for Olivia and Susan, but the just kept not doing it? Yea, I put that crap off for weeks. I kept getting distracted or was tired after work or *insert third excuse* and then I wouldn't do it.

Well, I sat down during my lunchbreak yesterday and worked up a sketch of Olivia, and I was like, "Damn... this is good." That basically set me rolling to knock out her and Susan yesterday evening. I ended up doing some finishing touches to Susan's hair this morning and I'm pretty happy with both. 

My eventual plan is to replace some of the artwork on the site with screenshots with the comic, but the profile pics on the Staff page will likely stay the way they are so I wanted them to be high quality. If anything, I may continue to toy a bit with the shading at some point to make it more consistent across all of the staff.

Anyway, I still have one staff member to add and I'll be done with the staff page through Chapter 3. There are obviously more cast members than those shown, but I don't think I'm going to do full profiles for all of them. Perhaps, eventually, I'll do small little bios and hide them somewhere...

Discord Updates (04/24/2023) 

I'm going to start hosting some Discord art streams for Ko-Fi members, mainly because I just got a member (thanks Jonathan) and I need to hold up my end of the bargain when it comes to memberships.

It actually works out pretty well because I'm getting to the point where I'm going to be doing a lot of brainstorming sort of work. I've obviously already got dialogue scripts, but I need to draw some rough storyboard sketches. I think this could be fun for people to watch. Especially since I can storyboard a chapter at a decently good pace. It's going back and doing line are and coloring that's going to be a bit time consuming. 

The other thing I'm working on is making Discord emojis and stickers. That could also be fun for people to watch me make. I don't want to go overboard making those right away, so I think I'm just going to make one for each character in the current cast list, then go from there. Eventually I'll have a lot, but I don't want making emojis to distract from the comic itself. That would be pretty counterintuitive.

If you haven't joined the Discord already, but want to keep an eye out for stream events, make sure you join. Although most will be for members, I'll occasionally do some for everybody. Probably once I get to coloring or whatever. I want members to get early access!

Minor Updates (04/18/2023) 

I've made some minor changes to the layout of the site. I've added the Updates section to the header above as well as adjusted some of the graphics, text, etc. It's all pretty superfluous, but I want to keep doing something to keep this project at the forefront of my mind.

That said, I mentioned earlier in the month that I'd hit sort of a rough patch and had a hard time motivating. It happens. I think I'm back on track now. Roxy had me read her a chapter last night as a "bedtime story" and she said she really enjoyed it. Granted, she's further along than you guys. The preview chapters end at Chapter 3, but she's on Chapter  6.

Anyway, the main thing holding me back, I think, was the sheer amount of work it's going to take to draw all of these things... but I built it up too much in my head. It's not like I have to draw EVERYTHING at once. 

I just gotta take it one page at a time and get it done. I sat down and actually made  a production schedule so let's see how closely I can adhere to it. Don't be shocked if I have to push back the launch of the site a couple weeks, but I'm still shooting for the end of June.

Rough Patch (04/14/2023) 

It's been almost a month since my last news update, but I have still been working on things. Admittedly, I hit a bit of a snag. The weight of what I'm trying to do finally hit me hard. That's usually how it is when I take on projects. I have a lot of initial productivity, as it is my current hyperfocus, then I start to doubt my ability to pull off what I'm attempting to do.

It has led to a lot of me just sitting around aimless. I know what I should be working on... and I still have my goal to launch the site this summer, but there's just so much more I need to do.

Not to mention the fact I'm not a great artist. Yea, the stuff I have here looks pretty good, but it takes A LONG TIME to get something I drew to this stage. It makes me concerned about the comic part just because I don't know how I'm gonna find the time to get everything drawn and colored. I don't know. Maybe the comic will just be in black and white? I'd prefer color if I can, but I may just have to do color comics intermittently. There are definitely some chapters where color will need to be present for the mood I'm trying to set. For other, more serious chapters, maybe black and white would be ideal anyway.

Regardless, I appreciate all of the support I have been getting so far. Here's hoping the final product lives up to all of our expectations.